What leadership qualities do you have?

I liked this blog Top 10 Leadership Qualities Of A Project Manager and decided to take some points for my reference.

1. Do you inspire a shared vision?: Do you enable people to feel they have a real stake in the project and empower people to experience the vision on their own?
2. Are you a good communicator? Beware openness and directness are needed, the project leader is the team’s link to the larger organization and must be able to effectively negotiate and use persuasion when necessary to ensure the success of the team and project.
3. Integrity: Leadership motivated by self-interest does not serve the well-being of the team.. In other words the leader “walks the talk” and in the process earns trust.
4. Enthusiasm : Plain and simple, we don’t like leaders who are negative – they bring us down. We want leaders with enthusiasm, with a bounce in their step, with a can-do attitude. We want to believe that we are part of an invigorating journey – we want to feel alive
5. Empathy: “It’s nice when a project leader acknowledges that we all have a life outside of work.”
6. Competence: The team must believe that that person knows what he or she is doing, it does not matter whether the leader really knows or not. The ability to challenge, inspire, enable, model and encourage must be demonstrated if leaders are to be seen as capable and competent.
7. Ability to Delegate Tasks: You demonstrate your trust in others through your actions – how much you check and control their work, how much you delegate and how much you allow people to participate.
8. Cool Under Pressure: When leaders encounter a stressful event, they need to look at it interesting and feel they can influence the outcome and they see it as an opportunity. Remember – never let the team see you sweat.
9. Team-Building Skills: For a team to progress from a group of strangers to a single cohesive unit, the leader must understand the process and dynamics required for this transformation. He or she must also know the appropriate leadership style to use during each stage of team development. The leader must also have an understanding of the different team players styles and how to capitalize on each at the proper time, for the problem at hand.
10. Problem Solving Skills: Expected to have excellent problem-solving skills themselves. They have a “fresh, creative response to here-and-now opportunities,” and not much concern with how others have performed them.