Getting a new manager? – Updated

After working with one manager in a team, people move to work with another manager in the same organization. You get a new manager. To be honest I would expect my new manager to invite me for such a meeting but they might be too busy to even think about it . What can you do from your side ?

1. Make an appointment to meet your new manager for say 20 minutes. Talk to him and try to understand the person. Remember this is a first meeting for both of you
2. Though I myself do not like the idea, it would be a good idea to share your resume with you new manager. The new manager needs to be made aware of what you bring to the table.
3. Have a couple of meetings with new manager. Take initiative to propose to the new boss what you want to perform in new role. In all interactions with your new manager, be positive and future focused. Stay professional.

Let me write what I perform to bring employees on board in my team? I would share with the the vision of the project . If there is already existing product ask them to go through that and present me with a reverse presentation of their understanding and also provide them with an intial view of what is expected from them and what are the growth opportunities.

For a minute, let us assume I do not do that and a employee performs the above. I can think that he is having a big ego or he is having some hidden intent or he wants to show that he is great. My expectation on the employee grows leaps and bounds and I would start thinking let me see how good this guy is and what is his real worth? This is not good for my team member. Then this is not good to follow when I am team member too.

Effective the communication between manager and the team member should be two way and is going to be a relationship between two people. That means I need to keep in mind the interests and mindset of both of them. Should I keep waiting for the manager to share the vision and not take initiatives? It is really frustrating if you are like me.

I can still take initiative and ask the new boss to articulate her vision, so that I can understand what is needed form my skill set for this vision and articulate only the ones relvant to the vision. Do a couple of reminders and wait with patience for the new manager to come. If not, you need to make a decision whether you need to wait some more time or ask the manager whether he wants to you to do a presentation or ask advice from your old manager what would be the best way to go forward.

Do not expect things to happen as you expect and neither expect that your proposal would be considered. No one can stop you to exhibit positive attitude and take initiative to perform something rather than nothing. After all this, your manager might not still not come back to you as he is looking for the vision from his manager.

During this process, there can be time when team members can be pushed to leaving the manager and at times to leave the organization itself.