Barriers to move forward

Barriers are caused when we perform something more important than achieving strategic goals. they arrive due to some of the below reasons.

1.. Information Flow : Information is inaccessible to all and the only available information is understood with wrong perspectives.
2. Short-term thinking : This happens when a decision is made in haste or when longer term concerns are well known but rationalized away or never thought of long term strategy.
3. Misalignment: This happens when there is a general lack of united strategy and people are not taking efforts to come to be on same page
4. Fear:  all of the above cause fear which invaribaly drives people to become selfish and creates walls between groups.

As barriers are created internally, they can be knocked down internally. It surely cannot happen without a strong support from the top, in addition to commitment and participation from all. Removing barriers takes courage and acceptance of the fact that some removal may cause short-term pain and all should sign to take short-term pain for long term benefit to make working together happier.