Transfer mobile apps using bluetooth/wi-fi

At our company, we try to make use of blue-tooth to transfer mobile learning products to students. Blue-tooth is technology that most mobile phones have and enables the sending of files from one phone to another at distances of up to 100 meters. My learnings has been follow.

Blue-tooth seems to have the following advantages
1. Secure: You need to establish a secure connection between phones with a password before interacting or interchanging information
2. Instantaneous: You can check with other person whether he has received the file
3. Flexible: you can reach multiple devices(phone/laptop/desktop) and can send a variety of files(assuming all have blue-tooth)
4. Free
5. No wire : there is no wire needed and is a universal technology across devices from different OEMs. There is also no big setup and you can do it yourself. it is FREE and does not need Internet or SMS.

The challenges to make use of Blue-tooth are

1. distance limitations: The two phones have to be in relatively close proximity, so the students/teacher would have to be in the same room. when there are a lot of students in class, one can multi-cast using blue-tooth, it does not travel to student farther and does not give a cool experience.
2. lack of technology adoption in devices:College students use it mainly to transfer entertainment media files and the technology adoption has been abruptly ended. We need to educate people that they can use this to transfer educational content too.( in same way I find people making use of voice recording capability of mobile are very few). People are not familiar of the usage.
3. Not good implementations: Blue-tooth looks like a great technology but it just doesn’t work at times. File transfer between PC and mobile phone often fails. One thing to keep in mind is blue-tooth does not like too many paired devices and possibly deleting existing pairings (unpair devices) might be the solution.
4. Security/Hacking: A lot of folks leave Blue-tooth on all the time, often because they don’t bother to learn how to turn it off. People are worried that others could hack their mobiles and keep blue-tooth switched off. There is also danger of mobiles getting filled with marketing messages. To handle this, handset manufacturers need to rewrite faulty implementations, and cell phone users will learn to be more careful.

Hence we find blue-tooth is a technology that can be used within the classroom and not to be used beyond close room. Will it become an alternative to 3G or SMS?