Are mobiles/tablets loaded with android similar to PCs loaded with microsoft software?

I was reading this article Android Orphans: Visualizing a Sad History of Support.

Earlier Microsoft PCS used to have this challenge. The machine good for Windows 95 would not suit Win 2000 and Windows XP and the what suits XP would not suit windows 7 and so on. I could not upgrade my HP laptop loaded with Win XP Home either to Windows Vista Home or Windows 7 Home. I could install ubuntu. As it was more than 7 years, I cursed myself and bought the laptop I am typing this blog. Though I have developed software on microsoft paltform for years, as users i was not happy with the forced upgrade of my laptop. I am really happy when some large customers continue to use XP or IE 6 as it makes sure that companies provide the customer support( but it sucks developers who have to support applications on multiple unrelated versions of same software).

I am yet to buy android device at home. What do current users of android think?
I have started to develope applications for android. what should be my strategy? Seems that i have to repeat my old Microsoft story with android?

One thing i am happy with apple products is that I can use my ipod i bought 5 years back still and latest itunes support the same. Effectively i feel taken care by Apple.