To learn, unlearn

Trying to build a product at my startup, I see that we have missed our deadlines very badly.
When I looked back for the root cause, the biggest challenge seems to be me. I need to unlearn what I have learnt earlier.

In the past, the client comes plans how to position the product and came with basic features for a product and I worked hard and made the requirements complete asking the right questions. Today I still ask questions, but there is no one to provide answers. I need to start answering my own questions.

In the past, i delivered the product at intermediate milestones and the client worked and provided me the received feedback and proposed changes. I worked my team and implemented changes in short time based on my client priority. Today I need to get feedback between milestones and for every feedback decide whether to change or not. I need to prioritize my tasks and adhere to my priorities and changes them as and when needed.

In the past the client plans go on “Go to market” strategy and I executed the technical part of strategy well. The client planned the product documents and the marketing documents well Today I need to build the artifacts and plan for “Go to market”, execute the same, change based on the market feedback and present to the market at that too quick. though this is not easy, i need to start on this front.

In the past, I worked with USA client, there is no meeting wit your client during the day and you can work without interference during the day and take the calls during night. Having Indian customers, you need to meet and respond to them during the day and you need to complete work during the day. We see at our startup one person is able to perform only one of them and not both. This makes me go nuts.