Public Transport @ Bangalore

I have used public transport in Bangalore for the last 4 years and compiling my observations

1. Bu usage has increased in Bangalore compared to the situation 4 years old.The 500 series buses are jam packed in work areas. This is positive effect.
2. The number of cars with one passenger seems to be increasing in leaps and bounds. This is not a good news.
3. Transit from one bus to another bus is a cumbersome process. The flyovers are designed with a perception that bus passengers can walk a long distance but people driving should be able to be more comfortable. For example, the bus leaving ITPL and reaching silk board would drop passengers on this side of silk board flyover. The passengers need to cross the flyover and then cross the silk board entrance to board the next bus. This makes me think should I have my own vehicle. If this is my case, what about elderly people or families with children.
4. I happened to visit a tech park which is situated on the Hosur high way after the elevated high way to electronic city starts,. There was no footpath for miles and kilometers for me to get down on one side and cross the road. There was no subways even. On needs to go all along one side and needs to walk all along the other side and hence doubling the distance. Why are pedestrians made to walk a long distance
5. There is a flyover at agara. Are the flyovers build for minority population? The buses are still having the traffic signal and the bus commuters spends a large time. I find that the flyover is not getting used to its capacity and why was a flyover build for small number of vehicles.