Adopt m-learning in India rural? – Part 2

Let me start with how to educate students the usefulness and enable usage of mobile based learning. I am of strong opinion that self learning and teaching abilities in lower age groups are high. We need to see how many students adhere to a practice of self learning without external push in non-mobile world. Can these practices be migrated to mobile?. How many self learning kits are available? Are they used by majority of the people? if not, why they are not using?

  • Make learning possible in the language of the student and that would make more students to choose mobile learning. This needs to be a joint work where we need to educate and work with mobile device companies the importance of supporting multiple languages and what is enabled by support multi languages?
  • Educate students that learning can happen with much less hesitancy and more enthusiasm. With an error tolerant and non-judgmental mobile application there are no figure of authority in learning:parent or teacher both disappear. This would encourage self practice, fluency and confidence.
  • Demonstrate to users and teachers the power of audio capability of the device. Demonstrate to users that audio record and playback capability of the mobile as mechanism to improve reading and pronunciation. Show that slow learners and students students who are absent in few classes can still attend/re-attend the class through the recorded audio session of the class,
  • Educate teachers the impact of a holistic content(permutations of video, audio and text) on the student. The interest of student can be increased by providing complimentary media (visual or audio) learning content focussed on the practical usage, along with regular academic content to enable the student to explore beyond regular learning.
  • Educate students to use all capabilities of the mobile handset, how to locate the installed application, how to install the application, how to use of GPRS/3G in optimized fashion for downloading content, how to share applications with each other easily(blue tooth). Post visual guides in educational institutions to enable self-start. These guides can be parent assistive when learners are too young.
  • Build applications models that use limited internet capability and a rich learning environment is available at affordable cost. Campaign schools and colleges to have wi-fi capability for students so that they can download large content without cellular provider.
  • Today we have mobiles and tablets with wi-fi capability in build. The schools should set-up wi-fi communities. student can collaborate on these wi-fi communities and learn from each other, peers or seniors. The good part is the discussions forums are not monitored in real time by teachers, which allow students to come with open questions without fear of being intimidated.