Adopt m-learning in India rural? – Part 3

Let us think how to make teachers to start creating and using mobile learning content. Once this happen, the students would start using mobile learning, as students are heavily influenced by their teachers. In reality today, mobile devices usage are not allowed in schools and colleges. Today we try to convince deans or principals to allow schools to enable m-learning for students and bring contents for m-learning.

Instead, teachers should be educated to understand values/benefits received by them for contributing to mobile learning. They should be equipped with case study and procedures to restructure their content or produce new content for mobile delivery. Some things to share with teachers can be

  • Reduce the time teacher spends on assessment evaluations and conducting exams. Multiple choice assessments are delivered as mobile application to student’s mobile and the student answers them and selected answers are send to the centralized content server for rich reporting to teacher.Timings for the exam can be self selected and tests can be time bound. This enables teachers with access to questions bank that can be used as required in future.
  • Enable audio exams on the mobile that are in viva formats. The viva could be either live tele – vivas that can be conducted on call or recorded submissions using the mobile recorder, the audio file from which can be transferred. Best teachers can be involved in viva voices.
  • Learning content can be downloaded, categorized and provided to students using SD cards similar CDs/DVDs of PC era. Schools can perform the download and distribute to parents for them to enable children as and when required in the academic year.
  • Teachers from far distances can be brought together to collaborate using mobile . A urban/experienced/retired and one rural/new teacher can collaborate in peer or mentor roles. This enriches their subject knowledge and reflects in the class lectures benefiting of their students. This can happen with presence of central system that enables collaboration and a directory to find related peers/experts.
  • Teachers should be provided incentive to contribute and to enhance adoption of m-learning in their students. This can be made possible though scholarships, income tax benefits, special skill building programs or m-teaching training subscriptions. Also there should be a mechanism to appreciate free sharing of knowledge by teachers, rank teachers based on the popularity of their learning content and the ranking given by their peers or students.