What is rich mobile internet experience?

Book marking what I found on the web. A rich mobile Internet experience includes the following attributes:

Ubiquity: How widely available is the media player that will be required for the viewer to see the application on the device display?
Access: How widely available is the wireless network that will distribute the mobile content?
Richness: Do pages load quickly? Do animations play in a smooth and seamless manner? Does the streaming media (media that is consumed—read, heard, viewed—while it is being delivered) flow at a sufficiently rapid rate?
Efficiency: How large is the client that will be required to make use of a particular media player? How fast will the application load and play?
Flexibility: Will the application be viewable on a variety of devices? Can content designed for use with one kind of device or operating system be played on other devices with some expectation of comparable quality?
Security: Is the interactive mobile device protected from worms and viruses? Is the shared content protected from being intercepted by unintended recipients?
Reliability: Will content be displayed in a consistent manner, regardless of the browser, device, and screen size?
Interactivity:Does the application allow users to interact freely with the display and the content?