How to check mobile literacy level of users?

 Mobiles seem to have a lot of features and you see people can benefit from them and are building applications. Do the common man see features of the mobile as you, a techie?

  1. Are they aware of how to make use of input devices like PC? – keys, navipad, qwerty etc..
  2. How to make use of memory card, data cable based synchronization, infra-red, blue tooth,USB connector, USB keyboard etc? Let us remind that these vary from device to device.
  3. How to understand how the file folders are organized ?  Do they know how the files stored are organized in mobile and how to access your drive via a computer?
  4. Where to find an application, install and uninstall, configure  device settings etc.
  5. How to perform common interactivity actions like tabs, scrolling,  using sliders, collapsable lists?
  6. What is mobile browser? How does it work?  What is WAP Browser? What is a data connection? What are the costs involved in consuming data? How can you minimize them? How to use wifi and data plan? Is 5kb bigger than 5MB?
  7. Understanding how to copy, duplicate or move data around. Saving something somewhere then knowing how to find it again.  These are device and O/S dependant
  8. Everyone says that mobile helps in self-reliance and personalization. Do you know how to use the features that help in above? How to put the device on silent mode when you are learning and put on regular mode while travelling? How to make sure that your personal data is safe
  9. How to make use of two finger touch and three finger touch? How to make use of back button in smart-phone? When I press back button, the screen seems to go away.