License Content consumed by mobile app

Android device is available in multiple form factors, mobile phones and tablets. I work with educational content providers. The educational content providers ask for content protection as follows

  • available only the user who purchased for the content – licensing
  • not available in unprotected form to allow competitors to copy content – encryption
  • not available for users who have not paid for the content. – privacy protection

Android proposes licensing model for the application itself and content embedded in the application are also licensed. They provide license verified is valid for certain period after which it needs to be verified.

Why should licensing of content be independent of the application?. The separation would help the user to download only content that he is interested and want to consume. Can the user copy content from others who have downloaded and reduce internet charges and still be forced to license content? Can the content be available only for a fixed amount of time and expires automatically?

When business offers product through an application store and offers the application for free, most of the stores do not charge the users. The application downloads are tracked, customer reviews are captured and application updates are informed to user. Can we have application that is available for free and the content is available at premium?

What are infrastructure needed to separate application and content?

  1. Website to host content where app can download
  2. Encryption of content at website and decryption by the mobile( where to store key?)
  3. content is available only for paid users and content can expire after a period of time
  4. Once content is separated from app, is it not possible to get the content through SD card with content protection.
  5. A payment mechanism to enable people to purchase content without using application store’s payment gateway.
  6. Can the user be able to make use of the content even if the user decide to replace their current Android device and the app can be installed on the  new device?
  7. Can the application verify that the user has an entitlement to the content without internet access?