Player in android plays protected media from local storage?

Android provides player that helps in playing video and audio files. The player can connect to URL and play http stream of music. The player can also play any local file provided the file is available in it entire form to load in to player. Why Google is not interested to allow reading stream of audio and passing the stream to android?

I find J2ME platform provided a player that allows streaming from input stream and did not distinguish whether the input stream was local or on the internet. Does this mean that Android expect users to make use of media from internet only?  We listened to songs from local cassette and then CD player and then Ipod, Ipad. I found it cost effective and easy to carry device to remote locations where network is not available. So there is no straight forward approach to play protected media content from local storage.

There are multiple solutions that are similar to following procedures. Encrypt the media file  to prevent the user from being able to just copy it and use it. Then obfuscate the code that decodes/plays the encrypted file.

  1. Encrypt media content and decrypt same in user storage space in android which is private. There is only 10 MB and hence long audios and videos cannot be secure and played.
  2. Simulate http stream using local socket
  3. Simulate http stream using local embedded web server.
  4. Roll your own streaming audio utility for Android’s MediaPlayer. We will buffer 10 seconds of audio and start playing that audio while the rest of the audio loads in the background. Here the streamed  audio is stored locally which defeats the goal..

Effectively we need to invest a good amount of effort to play locally available protected audio and video content to work.

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