Guidelines to develop mobile content

I am writing the principles we use to design mobile learning solution. I started with the statement ” Mobile solution should not be too easy for the learner to be bored. At the same time, it should not be difficult to make the user fear.” I am not sure whether the following are right or wrong for instruction design on tablet.

  • Media provides the learner with learning moments. In addition,Digital media provides learner with interactions.
  • Organize the information clearly and in a logical flow to enable the user to understand the information presented. This could be more than one content type
  • Break text segments in to smaller logical parts. All content related to topic is displayed in one shot in tablet.
  • Make sure to highlight the important content more than normal content
  • Tell learners where they are. The learner should not feel lost in solution
  • Tell learners how to move forward and backwards. I am always confused with back button of the tablet and I always look for back button
  • Associate related content together. This sends message between two distinct parts
  • Learners want to make their own choices, decide what to explore, discover and learn.Make solution navigation non-linear
  • Try to make behaviors for similar button consistent across screens and use similar names and images.

Have some one in your team to perform roles of one of the following actors for the content in the tablet solution.

  • Identify what information is currently available, what is needed and what is missing
  • Look for difficulties/scenarios that might not work for the actual learner. Do risk mitigation and identify worst case scenarios
  • What do you think is best approach that should be taken? You do not need to justify? Just go forward.
  • Look for new possibilities and new ideas and how feasible new ideas are. Be open to modify existing ideas.
  • Identify reasons why you think that the approach would work
  • Manage the show with balance
  • Create a project plan, track dates and look for priorities.