Will Indian student consume m-learning?

  • Who chooses the time of the session for the student?  who chooses the content for the student? The decision maker is not the student. The success of the learning program lies in student’s acceptance to the concept and content  delivery process.
  • The student would pay money, but not attend the class due to his other engagement, playing cricket.  used to invigilation, without invigilation any digital education is tough. Who is there to monitor? When parent pays money for digital learning, he expects that experience engages the student.
  • How to engage student on regular basis?  you need creative and innovative hooks for the student to feel some non monetary award  for the time they engage with the solution? May be this is why we try to achieve by converting all the subject in to games and toys that show the actual application of every scientific law.
  • The parent has pushed the learning by subscribing to e-learning or buying m-learning. What is the role of the parent beyond payment?  You take the responsibility  to include limited display not to distract the student, but be the reason to complete the course.
  • Though mature organizations want to reduce the learning modules from 25 minutes to 10 minutes to better engage with learners. How much research has gone by indian teachers in this area? They feel it is easier to have a single 60 minute video rather than 10 6-minute video. Who is helping them to prepare better videos. Today they go to expensive studio to do the recording.
  • How would the behavior of sharing work in Indian sense in the process of transition from books to mobiles and also laptops today. What happens when the student buys tablet this year? will he want to give to his junior the next year? Using second hand book is normal procedure in India. He uses money for movies across holidays. Once he buys content, he has right to what he has purchased.
  • Is it possible to innovate every year to make sure that next year students come to us instead of buying from his senior. Are the content providers prepared to innovate? Are we both ready to repeat this process very year with the fast changing technology and realizing sale price?