What to look to purchase LMS in school?

@MobiSir, we wanted to build learning management system(LMS) for mobile learning. We decided to based our development on moodle with assumption that it is widely used by academia and all content creation capability was available, multi-language was available too and we thought we save time to market using moodle. It was been tricky to satisfy my customer with changes to user interface in shorter time and the development team is concerned about customization reuse across versions of moodle with change requests. oH!NO, I do not want to be kicked in both sides.

Today,I see traditional LMS focus more on content creation. Today the faculty member is learning manager who manages/adapts to content creation using moodle and is one guy who uses moodle most. So we see that faculty is forced to make use of what is made available, rather than demanding for support teaching and getting the demands incorporated in to LMS. For example, the created content is going to be on multiple form factors, how to get a preview in all the form factors and decide which to s form factors to support or provide content specific to form factor,?

Let us consider the student. There are more students than teachers using the system. where should LMS give more importance. content creation? content consumption? Should LMS be restricted only to school students or should it be accessible to all students? Should user interface of LMS be more cool for students/learners than faculty? How to support multiple devices with different form factors a student might carry? Students are migrating to newer areas other than web,where content standards have evolved.

Now let is see I am school. How should I think to decide on LMS?
1. Is LMS matured? Will it be sustainable when the learning migrates from web to mobile to tablets and from online to offline? Will I be able to create content for new platforms as upgrade?
2. Is there a list of key criteria used by others to make decision? That can serve input for my decision.
3. What are the key problems LMS needs to solve and why? What are the innovation or milestones that needs to be looked for in the roadmap for LMS?
4. Is LMS open with respect to interoperability? How to reduce barriers to platform lock-in and integration? How to reduce language barriers to make use of Indian language?
5. Is content going to be king? Is content re-purposing going to become king? What is support available to create content in Indian languages?