Flip learning process in India. When? How?

Today the teacher teaches lessons in the class and ask the students to perform activities and projects at home. For some home work, my daughters are not able to perform the entire activity by themselves and my wife jumps in to help to complete the task. When I assist, I overdo and the child loses the fun of learning. Can we do something different?

Today I see there are tablets coming with online learning, tablet based learning. I see companies want to provide videos and audios for classes. they also providing text book problems and solutions to text book problems. This means that tablet and teacher are duplicating learning process. Will this make the school class room boring? How can we make learning a joy at school?

Let us provide learning content on tablet and let us make it available offline. Once every student has the offline content, I would propose the changes to education and learning system across all classes and courses.

  • Teacher ask the student to read lessons before he comes to the next class.
  • The student can watch the lesson again and again multiple times at home. They can even ask questions online (anonymous)
  • The teacher explains crux of the topic or does not teach/repeat what is present in the book.
  • The teacher conducts a discussion session in the classroom and the student has already spend time to learn topic.
  • The student start participating in the class
  • The teacher utilizes the extra time to provide guidance for the student to perform the activities and projects at school independent of others and clear doubts. In addition , he needs to answer the questions asked in the forum or moderate the forum.

Will students take initiatives to perform learning of the ? Will teachers be ready to migrate to the new model?