Android Version

Google Play filters the applications that are visible to users, so that users can only see and download applications that are compatible with their devices. The application and the android system agree on version based on the following parameters found in android-manifest.xml for every android project.

android:minSdkVersion defines the minimum API level required for the application to run. Android will prevent installation of application if the system’s API Level is lower than the value specified in this attribute. You should always declare this attribute.

android:targetSdkVersion is made use by the  Android platform itself. This attribute should be set to the maximum API level you tested your application on. It defaults to your minSdkVersion.

When we started to build android application in Jan 2012, some of my colleagues pointed that tablets existing in Indian market were android 2.3 and wanted our application to work with android tablets version 2.3 and not  later versions of android. This makes the application not to leverage the benefits of features coming in the later version.

I still convinced people make use of fragments so that the application would come with layout for both  android tablet and android phone. We made use of backward support package to support earlier versions of android. Developers used to complete the module to realize that they were making use of later versions.

Today the tablets with older versions seems to have disappeared from the market. All new tablets arrive supporting android 4.0. May we can start making our user interface better leveraging the new user interface features.