Bus Commute is interesting.

I have been traveling by bus and walk for last 4 years now. I make use of VOLVO bus in Bangalore which provides a comfortable air condition journey. In addition , the bus stop is right around my apartment complex entrance and closer to my office.  Should this mean all is well for me?

Let me start positive.

  • Got a bus passenger as linked-in connection,who happens to be CEO of company.
  • Got a bus passenger as software engineer at my mobile start-up.
  • Get time to think or to read books or to talk to my friends/family.
  • Got a bus passenger a doctor to work for Karunashraya

It is time to look at other side also.

  • At bus stop close to my apartment,  my experience is as follows. There would be no bus of 500 Series and then there would be 2 or 3 buses and all of the bus drivers would assume that the other bus driver is going to stop for passenger and speed away. I figured out the reason was to board more passengers at Marthahalli. I find old people waiting for the bus and the bus missing all of us. At times, I need to catch next bus and catch the ran away bus at close-by traffic signal and demand the driver why he failed to stop. You rarely get satisfactory answers and you also see that the guy has been aware that he did not stop in the designated bus stop.
  • In last year, there have been buses that are introduced to turn around at intermediate place and return to optimize travels. Though my destination is  two stop from the intermediate place, I welcome the move as the buses become empty at the intermediate transit point.  The challenge is the bus stops at traffic jam . There is no bus stop and you need too get down in midst of traffic. In addition, you need to walk a good amount of distance across to the next bus stop to catch bus to travel just another stop. This is pathetic transit situation a passenger needs to be. I do not understand how they identify a transit point. Do the authorities do not consider passenger safety and  comfort?
  • Bus passengers are equally interesting.  when I travel back from  work, all bus seats are occupied and one needs to stand in the bus. This is good. You have passengers climbing the next stop. After 6 stops where you get in, a passenger gets up from his seat and the seat becomes vacant. Who needs to sit in he seat? The guy standing next to the vacant seat( who got one stop earlier) would occupy the seat. This guy does not  even have a courtesy to check with others whether he can take seat instead of them who are standing for longer time. I am not sure whether this behavior moves to Indians boarding air-crafts where the seat is already blocked.
  • Another trend is the passenger talking on mobile. They climb the bus with mobile on ears and continue the same way. They give priority to talking on mobile phone, than the location to reach and purchasing the ticket. They also forget to climb down at the destination stop and when the bus is leaving the destination stop, try to shout and jump out of the bus.