I need not be like others always

Some times my wife asks this question “Why you cannot be like others?” to me. There are sure scenarios where  I can  be like others. I see a lot of scenario in community where I need not be like others. I understand that she is worried about public opinion about me in apartment. I would like to say a sorry to her and add “I need not be like others” in cases like below ones.

  • My apartment celebrates Republic day flag hoisting celebration on Jan 26 this year. I went to attend the event. The event organizer felt that people leave once the flag hoisting was over and miss events and the best way to run events is to schedule the events first and the perform the flag hoisting on the last. He/She decided to have hoist the flag at end of the celebration and started the children events. When I raised concerns, I felt that I was foreign and was fuming to see the respect given to national flag and how their children events have became more important than the republic day itself.  At end of all children events, they raised the national flag, followed march past and my music and all of them moved to breakfast. I inquired whether the national anthem is not played to close the ceremony. To my surprise, I was informed that the national anthem is the music played, Luckily my wife has gone to attend celebrations in a different school and I escaped this question”Why you cannot be like others?”. I wanted to send the right message to children so that they know their country and the value of freedom. This time I was little passive and  next time will challenge people for this type of irrational behavior. Here,No, I need not be like others.
  • My apartment had theft and some members of apartment owners were enthusiastic and wanted to prevent future incidence. Hence they went ahead and brought a lot of measures. We have two pedestrian gates and two driving gates.One of the measures was blocking one of the pedestrian gates permanently. unfortunately this did not go well with me , who is a pedestrian. The blocked gate reduced my distance to the bus stop. I  started opening the drive gate and walked in and out through the same. One of the apartment owners called my wife and asked her why is your husband not adhering to rules.  My wife was not happy and directed them to me. I explained that the new arrangement was not logical and there is no logic that means this is prevention measure against theft. Second, they did not take in to account pedestrian users. Third, I offered them to support if needed in security organization, in-spite of me being a tenant. My wife asks me “Why you cannot be like others and follow the rules?”.  I want the right type of  treatment provided to pedestrian and cannot allow a wrong treatment to pedestrian coming in my apartment and I need to demand my rights here. Here,No, I need not be like others.
  • One evening, my in-laws were sitting in the balcony. The club house is across our apartment balcony in the first floor. There was a huge noise from speakers set for the celebration. The speakers were not placed inside the club house, but place outside the club house.  The noise was a real nuisance to us. I had to go down and asked the speaker agency guys to shutdown the speakers and came back to the apartment. When I came back, I found an apartment resident has kept the speaker at the same place out of club house and the sound was too loud. I went down and picked the speaker and put the same inside and warned of action if they create a nuisance. I am not against partying, but it should be without affecting others. Some one called my wife and ,my wife was unhappy. She said that why we cannot assume that we have no choice and live with this like others. Effectively “Why you cannot be like others?”. Here,No, I need not be like others.
  •  I  travel by Volvo bus in Bangalore. At times, I happen to sit right behind the driver. the conductor.  Something catches my attention.  As passenger doing short travel gives the conductor less amount and the conductor does not provide the ticket. I do not see any problem with passenger who is dressed very well. The passenger gets benefit by paying part of the ticket money and the gain for the conductor/driver lied in the other side of the deal: no ticket to be issued to me. This is obviously unfair as the the drivers/conductors atr employed to perform what they are paid to do by BMTC and also unfair to passengers similar to me who get a monthly pass to travel by bus. In addition it can be detrimental to your long term comfort as you stand to get inferior service. when i demand why the passenger was not issued ticket, the passenger and the conductor try to pass away my comments and can see them getting angry, but scare that there corruption is out, the ticket is issued for the right money. Here,No, I need not be like others.