Have startup priorities right

In Nov 2011, I have posted this blog from my own experience in start-upTo learn, unlearn. My learning’s in last 6 months had been around the following questions.

  • Are you able to prioritize well? I can prioritize others work very well and my own self prioritization needs a long way to go.
  • Do you understand P &L? When you get funds and do not have cash coming in, you are moved far away from P & L.
  • Are you able to talk at 20,000 feet with customers and talk at 20 feet with your engineers both at same time and engage them both at the same time? You can talks at both level, but the level of engagement suffers migrating from 20 feet to 20,000 feet and vice versa?
  • Can you handle inter office politics effectively? We have less or no politics in the start-up.
  • Are you/I ready to sell your vision or new ideas, even to co-founders and your team engineers. I share the idea with team and help them understand, take their inputs and make the idea to be owned by the team, than me alone. Really takes a lot of time and effort.
  • How well you/I need manage others perception about the product(you?)? What is good for students is not great for the educational provider and yet to find a win-win-win strategy for both my stakeholders and mobiSir.
  • Do you/I reach out and create visibility? Are customers feeling informed and educated to make right decisions? Do you write blogs of your leanings and share with others?
  • Are you/I able to excite development team? Are you able to make the team member work motivated? Sometimes I have to force a task priority on a team member and need to handle these scenarios better.
  • Am I still reactive than proactive? I am more reactive than proactive.
  • Do we have informal catch-ups/follow-ups with customers and among founders?
  • Are we able to see impact of our efforts on cash generation,bottom line of business?