Does technology learning help teachers?

Classroom behavior has been mainly this “The teacher delivered lessons and concepts in the class. He was focused only on teaching and sharing his thoughts and the student listened and ask questions to understand the subject better.”. A lot of today’s technology based learning is focused on the student only,providing him freedom to learn where and when he wants. Feel great and they are becoming consumers like every where else, but where do teachers stand?

Today seasoned training professional man called me and asked that he has students who come in person for the class and also students who want to join his class in virtual mode, both simultaneously. He wants how to perform this with lesser cost and efforts. He was little frustrated that technology is not helping him in teaching. This made me think what is the experience teachers follow with technology?

When I meet teachers and educators, the message heard is lack of time and lack of freedom to teach their style, drives teaching from passion to a mere job execution.

  • They cannot take leave during the school session and need to complete the syllabus.
  • They cannot get in to dialogue with their students for sufficient time as they have next class and pressure to complete delivering the course syllabus.
  • They need to attend class on time for the students who have come,even after the advent of technology, while students are enabled to skip class
  • They need to support census and in elections during their holidays also, in addition to exam paper correction. This is gain time loss.

If a person needs to perform the above on continual basis, and he is unhappy and lacks time to perform best job, transforms even aspiring teachers to teach as mere job execution.

Does technology provide teacher with time and freedom?

  • Before the start of the class, the teacher needs to know the training objectives, agenda etc. He also needs to get organize the relevant articles, videos and assessments ready to be delivered during the class prior to class. The choice is invest extra time and efforts, else adhere to content provided by the system.
  • The teacher needs to handle discussion boards, forums, wikis, blogs and chat and also moderate the shared relevant ideas and materials by learners. The choice is invest extra time and efforts, else have helper to perform this to content provided by the system.
  • The teacher needs to create and/ or manage his/her own assignments, sessions and assessments to be assigned to the respective learners or group of learners. The choice is invest extra time and efforts or have helper to make life easier or depend on existing LMS..
  • For great experience, the student wants to hear the voice of the teacher, share the blackboard and also share his face across sessions. To do this, teacher needs to be able to coordinate teaching,blackboard,his voice and collaboration tools like Webex, Goto-Meeting. What should teacher do when where learner is not able to view content due to some technology slag on the side of the student? A good teacher would try to resolve the issue and others waiting would cause frustration.
  • A good teacher is interested on how students have received the delivered learning and understory concept. With technology there is no eye contact and teacher again needs to spend time and effort to write response to a question on discussion forum and continue moderating the discussion on the questions.

Let us be aware of the impact of technology on teachers and see ways to make their life effective.