Can tablet(Akash) reduce the weight of school bag?

I have read from media about the introduction of Akash tablet by Indian government.I was wondering with states like Tamil Nadu have already provided laptops and why again a subsidized tablet. Keeping aside questioning whether the government needs to be in business of giving tablets, my thoughts were how to make this a positive thing for India?

With the government announcing the intent to provide subsidized tablets, what steps the government can take to make tablet useful and effective to students? What are the applications and content that shall be preloaded in to tablet? How will the students know that the content in their tablet is obsolete and needs to be upgraded? Ok, they know how they can update the tablet, who would pay for internet connection ? The school does not have current bandwidth or know-how.

The idea”text books should be replaced with tablets” read by me made me think more. Seeing my daughter carrying a heavy bad, I think it is a good idea to buy tablets to read books and carry schools. Is there a way that her school bag is reduced and she does not become too dependent on internet.

  • Student purchased their own tablets or obtain a tablet through Akash scheme. If they purchase tablet, it can be of their own choice.
  • To enable student with content, the government enables the educational institutions with a special subsidized scheme using BSNL to offer internet for schools. This subsidized internet shall allow access to website that contain school books and educational materials and research papers.
  • The subsidized scheme is offered to schools/ educational institutions that would setup wireless infrastructure network in school and appoint coordinator to enable students to download content.
  • BSNL firewall should allow only educational institutions. They would start with a set of educational institutions and then add/remove educational institutions. To start with, only free content is made available through the network.
  • Schools are free to have additional wireless network to enable students to download paid content from other educational institutions.
  • Text book content and government related stuff accessed by teh student gets downloaded in to the student’s own device. It is quite possible that the coordinator shall download the required content in the school library and the students sync with local server on wireless.

All three line of tablets ipad, android and windows phone 7 devices support offline consumption of data. How to make this magic happen for the community?