Why should each school student buy his own newspaper?

I and my wife have been encouraging our 8 year old daughter to read newspaper and we want here to cultivate habit of reading newspaper. As we get Hindu edition of newspaper, we have been asking her to read “Young World” and she has started reading things in this children supplement and also tries various exercises.

Starting from mid of June 2012, I see a  Times of India Edition at home. I asked her what it was and she said that it was provided in her school. The paper had information and was wondering whether she was really reading the newspaper. My wife said that the school has asked all children to buy newspaper compulsorily and we have paid Rs 190 for news paper. She shared the note which went as follows ” As part of the NIE curriculum, Times of India will be issues to all IV standard students for the whole year. Kindly pay Rs 190 for the same by Wednesday. It is compulsory for all students”.

I have been observing her and also asked her whether she had read the news papers and he answer was I read what I understand in the paper and she understands a little.

Today  I see another note that says ” Dear Parent, the newspaper reading habit is slowly diminishing.. To inculcate the same, “Primary Plus” – a fortnight newspaper has been introduced for the students of std IV to Std VIII. The newspaper would have news, puzzles and lots of fun filled activities for the particular age group. Kindly pay Rs 270 for the same. The last date to deposit the money in cash to the class teacher  is 29th June 2012.

Reading the second note made me write this blog with my questions. Readers can choose to come with their own answers.

1. Why should a school direct students to buy newspaper? Is there any expert opinion that this newspaper offers best content? How was the decision to purchase this specific newspaper arrived at?

2. In days of “Going Green”, why should multiple copies of paper sold? Can the school procure one paper per class and the students can read in the class itself.

3. At home, we buy a single news paper and share among all of us. This helps children to learn sharing and really use the material. Why are children taught be individual centered rather than sharing? How will these children understand community later in their life?

4.. Why is the school making compulsory the purchase of newspaper? When we already purchase a newspaper home? We also have computer and iPad at home which the children make use of and I expose them to things suited to them from across the world.

5. Today i also saw one of the newspaper had advertisement/notice from Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation and South East Central Railway and Indian agricultural research institute. We have paid for the paper and would like to understand how are these advertisements placed in student edition.

In-spite of all these questions, I would be happy if the children really get a habit of reading from these newspapers and would like to know whether some one else is able to visualize the same.