Read a book on Innovation

I had the opportunity to meet Rishikesha T Krishnan and read his book “From Jugaad to Systematic Innovation” and completed today. I liked his fair presentation of the facts and writing down some facts that I liked in book. I would highly recommend Indians to read this book to better understand the innovation system we live in.

He asks when larger the proportion of the R&D costs spend, are the patented technology actually getting commercialized. He also points to the reality that too much emphasis placed on high technology industries and too little emphasis on technology diffusion.

One thing I agree with him was there is rare collaboration between large software companies in India and interaction with other firms in India is typically limited to staff augmentation. He correctly question the impact on the outsourced teams, when the work is clearly defined and divided by MNC with multiple service companies, with little or no interaction between the development center and the outsourced vendor. He finalizes that local software service companies are considered as a source of people to meet short term peak demand by MNCs and for the service companies efficient execution has been the more important challenge than technological innovation. If you read this blog, I would request you to start understanding what does it mean when your company claims to be partner of larger MNC.

I agree with him on the barrier to experimentation in India, Low tolerance of failure and Indian strive for absolute perfection. On other side, I have seen challenge ( including me) to have continuous improvement process and a strong time orientation. I also see we have a lot of imaginary ideals, but are very passive on action, which works against experimentation and improvement.