Is revolution needed to reform education?

Working with MobiSir has widened my outlook towards education in India( we are borrowing the failed model of usa). Let’s look at education model in India. I see two offerings of education, a charitable activity or a profit making business. Are these approaches to education a plus for the individual and for the society,? Are there no other successful models?

Does education create wealth? As a educated person( selllers), I think I am creating wealth. Does a person receive more ROI from education then the investment in time, energy and material to educate a person? . Let us be sure not to waste a lot of time, energy and material in educating oneself in schools and ealize later that no one is interested to buy your learned skills. What is the connection between educational spending and educational results?. Is spending correlated with results?

One theory is that people with more education do better in life. There is huge chance that people with a lot of education have lower unemployment levels and higher incomes,than people with little formal schooling. College or university education, itself has become common in last 100 years and in the last 50 years, ordinary people have felt a need to go to college. Are we equipped to declare whether an young person would be better in the real world and learn as much as possible from work experience than from learning in a school? Let us remind that almost all the world’s great geniuses, inventors, scholars, and entrepreneurs learned out of schools.

Today every student in south India is aiming to get an engineering degree. The parents borrow money and make the childten study to help them learn to get a job. This is because parents are drilled with the thought that if their children miss the ‘education that they need”, the children may be pushed to forever to the lower rungs of the socio-economic ladder. They have been succumb to the belief that an uneducated child will not only be a failure and will be forced to joblessness and poverty. Hence. whether they have money or not, parents mortage their house or take loans and put their childten to colleges. Are the parents doing right things for their children? I do not think so.

For the job industry, they are no more worried whether you can produce or deliver results. They use education as a qualifier and started to consider anyone who sat at school for 16 years, working without questiong the nonsense that passes for education is a good candidate for bureaucracy. On other side, the education industry consumes more and more of the national resources and produces less and less real output Does education help learners supplement skills in areas like entrepreneurship, initiative, the willingness to take risk, to accept and learn from failure?

Is a revolution needed to reform education? I think so.