Me @ Google Business Day 2012

It was nice to see Mani on stage explaining on the stage with the Google speaker. It made me happier to see one of our own Indian product companies coming on stage in a big event. Kudos to them. Met their booth and tried to product myself and I really liked the product.

I attended the event “Enabling Technology in Education”. The speaker was open and made the session as open discussion and interacted very well. I liked his question: “why are wi-fi routers not commonly used in India?. I enjoyed the session.

One of my disappointments on business Day was that there were no sessions in android applications. It seems that Google wants to communicate that they are figuring out the business out of android. Keynote speaker Nelson was boring and seemed out of touch in the internet landscape in India. SMB examples were from NYC. Does Google India has some one who has done India business? They could have had some start-ups in mobile space and application space targeting India. He shared that 1 in 3 mobile users would use internet by 2012 and I challenge that might not happen with one rupee bet. But I will be happy to lose the challenge and allows India as whole to win.

Demos after the keynote was good from a theme perspective,but I did not get a kick.His demos was good. I think it is time that we see things beyond collaboration tools and social networking and submission of travel bills. The demo completion became beautiful with Orange scape demo at end. When I talked with Jayanth Mysore in the break about the limited focus around android and cloud applications, he was polite and explained that they have not planned the same.

I asked another Google badge person whether it was a Ad-words Promotion day and his response was it is Adwords Sales and Promotion Day. I gave my ID card to him and left the avenue as there was nothing more for me. One of the other message was go to group discussion forum and you will get better information. Why attend Google Day if I can get from discussion forum? I consider these answers as not polite or more close to rude.

Should I skip Google Tech Days in Bangalore too? I might do so.