Training opportunities for non-engineers

Today I see a lot of finishing schools targeted at engineering. what about non-engineering streams? Not being an engineer by qualification makes me ask this question.

In typical day of accounting, an accountant performs a lot of activities relates to invoices and vouchers and interfaces with bank and cash operation. Each of this activity is termed as financial transaction. For a given financial transaction, an accountant needs to adhere to process defined in an organization prior to updating the account books. This process might include first hand verification of the document against the organization process, obtaining the needed approvals and storing the document for future audit purposes.

Today, colleges that offer accounting courses prepare the students to post accounting entries. There is a lot of modernization and ease brought in this area with the advent of computers. The needs to learn the accounting process continues to remain same. There are no education or training program to train commerce students to perform the process as part of their education curriculum. Please do not jump to my showing tool training courses, ERP course or Tally course. Is it possible to learn finance process that happens in a simpler ways without bringing these tools to prominence? it should be something simple and intuitive to use.

Do companies spend significant time to train their finance employees to learn the process? if yes, is there a way to arrive at a training program to help the students to be accountants from day one? How are processes taught in BPO industry? My limited knowledge on accounting says theta there is a lot of similarity in the process steps to complete a transaction. For example, transactions payment of internet bill and payment of telephone bill is different as cheques have to made and dispatched to different service providers, but the process work flow within organization is quite similar for both of them.

I need a simple work flow engine that can help me plan this.