Want the following free. Is it possible?

    Want the following free for every living being in this world. Is it possible?

  • Free Education
  • Free Health-care
  • Free Water
  • Free Unpolluted Air

I started with these question after viewing the article Finance ministry objects to government’s scheme to give mobiles to 70 million BPL families. I remember the the Indian politician first in my childhood, providing freebies to voters to win elections. Till the advent of internet and computers, business believed more in discount offers and has less belief in freebies. The forefathers of computer science and internet offered computers and technology free due to their belief that knowledge needs to free.

The internet business companies started with ad driven business model and offered free services and exploited the personal information collected from the users they offered services and exploited this information to make revenue. This was exact like the politician making use of Indian voters lack of things. Indian politician was not able to provide the above resources free as they are dependent on nature. Observing the events in the digital world, they have started innovating how the same can applied to the masses.

Few months ago,I was in college in Coimbatore which had government accredited courses and self-funded courses. Tamil Nadu government wanted to provide free laptops to all students including students of self-funded college. Why should they be provided with free laptop? Do they have power to charge laptops? Who will provide them free power?

Few years ago, TamilNadu government announces free TV. My retired father resides in Trichy in a apartment and leads a simple retired frugal life. Most of the apartments are occupied by working people in nationalized banks and colleges. Why were the household in this apartment complex receiving freebies provided by government. I am provided the explanation that if they do not go and receive the free item, then some one would take the free item and they have right to free item. Where does the money paid for free TV comes from?.

Today we stay in Bangalore. My wife is too much concerned that there is shortage of water. Lot of apartments in Bangalore purchase water every day. We have mobiles, laptops and TV. Who will give us free water? My maid is not having money to pay for he daughter. Who will give her daughter free education?