Are we leaving behind the students who need education the most?

I wanted to see whether I can start free classes for 11th and 12th standard CBSE mathematics. The idea came from my childhood where the only class outside school was from free maths class offered by Subramaniom residing in Block-27. To start with, I planned to buy textbook as first step to implement my thoughts. Let us remind ourself that for a lot of my generation, our primary education learning (whether calculus, grammar, or art history) centered around the textbook.

I started with Oxford store and then Crosswords and then Landmark. I learnt for the first time that none of these shops seem to deal with student books. They said that CBSE board book is not available and they have study guides and showed my a lot of study guides for display. I glanced at them and found most of them were only as study guides and serve as addition to school text books. They advised me to visit Bangalore only book chain and they have the book.

Is there a reason why these chain shops do not stock school text books?. They might give a reason that schools get the textbooks and give to students. what should the student do if the book is lost in the mid of the year or just before the exams? I was scared and prayed that student should not fall in to this unfortunate position.

I visited Swapna,Bangalore book shop. I asked the shop assistant to help me and he showed me guides and then I requested him for CBSE regular text books. He showed my some of the CBSE text book. I saw Physics 12th standard books, but not the maths one. He said that these textbooks do not come on regular basis and asked me to look at a guide. I asked whether their other shops in city would have a copy of the book. I was asked to go to a different center and given contact address of other center and asked to call them and ask for the book availability. I asked whether they could get a copy across and it was not welcome. For me it was a strange behavior as their response have always cordial. I checked with supervisor and he also shared that CBSE textbooks do not come in regular times and there is a scarcity of them and hence they do not want to commit and fail, hence they were not extending regular support service for CBSE textbooks.

It was nice to find digital copy of the books at NCERT Textbooks. With the demand and supply problem in reality, Is there actually a market for digital text books on new digital devices like tablet? Wonderful, all text books can be made available in computer and tablets. What about the large population that cannot purchase these devices? Now the books are also not coming through freely. Are we creating this market and effectively leaving behind the students who need education the most?.