Can I be without internet?

Today I find myself over using internet and some times feel addicted with internet. Can I think of a world without internet and emails? I am taking resolution to be try my best to be away from facebook, webcasts, blogs and twitter and move from personal email and subscription email reading for a limited time period on month ( 15 minutes after this blog is published) and see the real world more than through the lens of internet. Why do i need to take this extreme step? See the eagerness to write a blog about moving away from blogs. Let me finish this blog and kick start the resolution.

I lived at times where there was no internet or mobile. How is my life getting impacted? I am writing this blog as reality check to track myself by making me aware of my misses in the internet world.

  • I book my tickets online for railways and bus. You might say that is awesome you save effort to visit station. No I am lousy and postpone booking of tickets. Ten years ago, to visit my home in Neyveli, I had to reserve my bus tickets and need to go to majestic. I used to plan and execute well and make sure that bookings are made at right time. Am I losing my planning habits?
  • I used to buy and read a lot of magazines like Ananda Vikatan and RD. I was buying RD for close to 14 years. We used to visit second show film a lot of times. Today I still buy books, but reading books has reduced. Am I losing my reading habit?
  • On my first month salary, I purchased a music set and used to hear songs on regular basis for my first 4 to 5 years. It was a lot of fun and follow-ups needed to collect cassettes of music. Today I have all things and my music habit has died down. Am I losing my music habit?
  • These were days where there was no mobile phones or Facebook. I used to visit my schoolmate in Bangalore once every 2 months though I have to travel far distance. I have not even talked to him on phone for last 4 months. Am I losing friendships? . Today there are not even much email communication. Things are getting stopped at facebook post.
  • I used to take photos and take real prints. In last few years, we rarely take a real print and it is all digital sharing. She keeps asking me whether photos are safe and I buy her hard disk and assure that it is safe. But we used to have a lot of fun arranging the photos in to album, discuss about the album we would buy, which photos need to be printed and so on. Today all those communication is lost.
  • I used to read COM and DCOM books. I even remember taking notes(using pen and paper) while reading books.I do not purchase technical books and assume that I can read all on the internet and reading like what I used to do earlier.You click too much, read too little, and remember even less
  • Let us look at videos and lessons available online. I make copies of links where they are available and miss to read them I register for webcasts which are at midnight and the organizers send the recording and I do not listen to them. What is happening to me?

Last I also see that I spend more time with internet than with my daughters i cherish. In last few years, I come late and then see my daughters went to bed and then hook to internet. The internet has given me a sense of engagement and i write blogs and keep browsing which leads to another and so on. See a work email and start responding to that. Last few months, Mrinalini has been asking me to come to bed with her and the internet keeps me away from here. Internet, I do not want you to become my master?