Make me think beyond my own children

Liked these lines in Genieids email for parents and bookmarking them. They apply to all our relationships and interactions.

  • When something undesirable happens to me, do I have the license to misbehave? What happens when I takes responsibility of my behaviour? How do we make a child reflect on his/her behaviour while still acknowledging the feelings?
  • Each loves the other but does not express their feelings freely. While love remains unexpressed, complaints and expectations also remain unshared and hence, unclarified. People use indirect channels and how effective they can be. How often are we aware of our emotions on a day to day basis? What happens when a child is aware of his/her emotional state, associates a word to his/her feelings and more importantly what happens when we acknowledge his/her feelings?
  • We at times identify a feeling in our self which we feel ashamed of. Either the feeling is labelled taboo or I know it would lead to some undesirable results. How would I feel if someone offers a help to get rid of this feeling? What if someone exposes me and tells me that I should be ashamed of this feeling? How often do we tell a child ‘it’s okay to feel jealous’? Can we look at each feeling of a child as something important to him/her? Can we respect each feeling? What would have happened if someone allowed child to figure out his own solution?