• We started with a plan. Do I have the discipline to incorporate the feedback from the field and transform the business plan? When and How to make decision to transform business plan?
  • Just because you passionately believe that your product or service is great, and everyone needs it, doesn’t mean that everyone will buy it. You may have the solution to world hunger, but if your customers have no money, your business won’t last long. Can you really run a start-up to satisfy the needs of the rest of the pyramid?
  • Whether you have funds or you do not have funds, you need to focus and hurry the dates when revenue is flowing. Both too much cash and too little cash can have devastating effects. Start to generate revenue(grants or donations or prizes) to offset operating costs.
  • There is no direct way to reach Indian student. Most of them consume little or no internet. Prepaid mobile users constitute more than 90% of Indian population and average balance in their prepaid cards is around Rs 10. One of the most effective way is go though their mothers. Do I have the ability to reach Indian mother?
  • We have great ideas. Are ideas executed? Execution is not limited to having a great technology implementation or follow up or writing a business plan and adopting your product. It is more about taking hard decision and taking risks. What are the hard decisions I have taken in my life?
  • Am I getting tired with setbacks?