Shouldn’t everyone benefit from mobile technology?

Today I see there are mobiles introduced every day. It looks like windows operating system getting upgraded. People are still using windows XP and  refuse to migrate to windows 7. I think that we are going to reach a similar plateau in case of smart phones. I already feel that phone 5 has reached its plateau.

Early application developers build standalone applications for mobiles. Applications that helped or attracted users are on top rating. I rarely see all applications on my iPad. If your application is not in top application on mobile store, probability that you app is going to be downloaded by users are less. You need to look beyond mobile stores and ads to generate revenue.

Let us forget mobile and mobile application and look at people using mobile and mobile apps in India and this is my view at ground zero.

  • We think the iPad or android is pretty awesome, but it is about people and not devices. What percentage of people have iPhone, iPad and android? You need people to buy your app to make money. I download all free apps for my own kids on iPad or BB. Have bought one or two apps in the last one year.
  • Technology or applications should be available to everyone and not only to people who can have iPhone and android
  • The ”most popular” devices don’t necessarily translate to the most used devices. In India, android is popular and common devices are Nokia style ones like micro-max or Chinese mobiles.
  • Folks with features phones make use of no internet or limited internet. They use SMS. Their keyboard is too small to type URL. Their phone connection stinks and are afraid of being taken ride by mobile operator and are discouraged from using internet.
  • People use maximum of five applications on their mobile. once they download more than five, their usage is driven by the benefits the user receives from them.

When you build mobile application, make sure you have a strategy to balance

  • Accessibility
  • Band width
  • Usability
  • Experience
  • Features
  • Performance
  • Functionality