Do we need independent body to enable mobile app adoption in India.?

In India, I see that we are moving towards a billion of mobile users and no killer application as we do not have ecosystem. Neither Google nor Microsoft is going to build ecosystem that would benefit app developers at large. They would build ecosystems that would serve their interests. To create mobile application adoption in India, I strongly need a joint effort among Indian mobile start-ups. Is having a independent body to coordinate this joint effort needed?. Some areas where the body can really focus and help Indian start-ups are as follows.

1. I see a lot of Value added services companies in India. Indian population do not trust VAS applications and learn innovative techniques to make sure that they are not cheated. There is no independent body that certifies that these VAS applications are trust worthy. is there certifying authority needed for VAS applications that would demonstrate the reliability of the application.
2. Work with mobile manufacturers to support Indian languages. Mobile manufacturers claim that they support new languages in the latest smartphones as part of their marketing strategy. What about support for Indian languages in the previous smart phones?
3. Manufacturers offered android mobiles in India with support only for android 2.3 or less version and no upgrades supported till March 2012. Once May 2012, everyone jumped to android 4.0. Earlier mobile start-ups like ours have to bear this. it would be better to know the release roadmap of the Indian mobile OEMS in advance.( may not be easy tasks for them without support of Google).
3. Indian population can be reached though mobile. But even mobile providers reach them using prepaid charging mechanism. How can app developers reach the mobile user directly? The mobile provider has no interest to market your app unless your app is popular. They want to make the application developers to be same like VAS providers, which also has no trust in end user segment and prefer apps that would consume more internet. Indian customer looks value for money and app developer can scale his app by reaching millions and that means that the product needs to be affordable.
4. Who will build the infrastructure? A start-up cannot build infrastructure by itself, but once the infrastructure is used, all can utilize the same. Can we use feature like SD card support to support apps and make use of prepaid network to sell mobile apps in provider less mechanism?
5. Though app stores are not very much useful in the Indian landscape. they do not enable billing end users in Indian rupees and also receiving the sales proceeds to Indian bank accounts. Developers go through a lot of pain to open accounts in usa and others and this is not easy for all developers.
6. Today one can offer free app or paid app. I thought I would offer free app on store with trial content. Once the end user likes the application, he can buy additional content or feature within app? No app store supports this option. Then I tried to find out the rates and procedures to build the same and we found it very costly affair for Indian start-up. This is demand heard by start-ups from B2B players.