“Tablets sold in education space” – My views

I think it should be “BYOD -Bring your own device” in educational space.

Enterprises emphasizes providing their own devices to their employees. Employees dislike them as it constraints the freedom to learn and experiment. Latest cool stuff would not work on the company approved browser and the company application would have challenges on the outdated company browser. But there is not much choice as the device is owned by the corporate and the employee uses the same till he is on job. Do you like the same locked devices in consumer space?

I observe tablet companies trying to sell the enterprise concept to sell tablets in Indian consumer market by bundling educational content in their outdated devices or unpopular devices(some with with earlier android versions) and push them to consumers. The advent of Ice Cream sandwich has made them at-least to upgrade from 2.2 to 4.0. Education players unable to sell the media educational content build over years want to sell the existing content through tablets. They are happy if some one can help them procure tablets( do not are what it should be) from China in bulk price and bundle educational content in to them and sell them as value for money. What is state of students who are locked to older version of education device?

One glaring example for this is iProf. iProf sold tablets as educational devices. when they started, they copied content from different education partners and bundled them with the price of the tablet with a upmarket price of more than 20K and for this they also received a large funding from VCs. I have seen them progressing to sell educational content to BYOD consumer model and also having their own learning management system.

We might agree that Apple tablets are costlier for Indian population and lock users to their device. Apple provides application for free and offer a good number of online courses from various universities and can be downloaded to iPad. I also like their iBooks and iBooksAuthor, which helps to complete ecosystem. Why are Indian OEMS selling tablets not look to build ecosystem like Apple?

I liked the Pearson approach towards education through tablets.They share their perspective and also their understanding of the market. Indian Tablet Market Lacks Eco-System: Pearson India . They are open to working with multiple providers and are ready to look SD card as option for the Indian market.

How to build educational ecosystem? is a question whose answers are still far away.