Standing Orders – My view

I have been reading about various articles around Standing Orders Archaic labour law returns to haunt Indian IT sector, Will IT firms become complacent without hire-and-fire policy?. I have listened to my father in my young age, where he and his colleagues have been subjected gherao by unions for being upfront and giving a warning memo to employee(who is union secretary) who refuse to come to office and neither wants to apply for leave and ask people to go unnoticed or where people use the benefit of corporate medical facility for some one who is not their dependent and so on. There were times where his movement was blocked by workers beyond his cabin, with workers sitting at cabin door and claiming how he would leave the door and he goes and sits with them for hours and resolves the issue demonstrating what he stands for.

I am not in favor of unions who try to exploit organization and also go hand-in-hand with management to get bribes for employment. At the same time, I respect my father’s courage to stand up to performance and the right thing for the organization as an employee. IT industry does not have a real union and I am happy about that. I have disliked firing by the organization, but ended sending an employee home after a poor performance after providing considerable amount of support. I have equally helped data entry operators become test engineers and enabled test engineers to write code in my teams enabling their growth.

With increase in the number of contract employees and not having a fair firing guideline book to follow as industry practice and arrival of illegal recruiters and new fathers not getting leave to be with their new born due to a software release and mask real emotions and feelings. Some times I feel that there is a lot of team workshop happening in IT industry and how much of the team workshop learning gets applied in the real world, living community or even with their own colleagues and without applying in larger perspective how do people really learn team work.

I see every government order or guidelines shall be interpreted good by both or used as mischief by both. Let us not suspect the Standing Order. Why can we not come with a better guidelines that makes it fair for both employers and employees. If you look at history, Tata Group pioneered concept of eight-hour day,provident Fund,well-ventilated workplaces, and provident fund and gratuity, when they were not implemented in the west .

Can IT industry become a pioneer in arriving at a fair interpretation of the standing orders to both employers and employees instead of asking exemptions from the Standing order? Will the larger IT companies and IT employees take leadership to work with government and arrive at a better policy in the place of Standing Orders? If they wish to work together as team beyond their individual agenda, I am sure that can be a policy which can extend beyond IT industry also.