The Top Five Reasons Leaders Lack Influence

These are my reference notes after listening to the audio “The Top Five Reasons Leaders Lack Influence” from Srikumar S. Rao

  • Do not seek to become a leader. Instead become inspired by a great cause and work towards the cause. Are you focused on what you want to be? Are you inspired by what you are doing? Can you communicate the vision? Making that transformation in your head.
  • Do not view people as mechanisms or means to achieve your goals. Are we looking in our interactions, what do I get from this?  Are you performing the job so that others would have right opinion about you.  Stop viewing people as mechanisms to achieve and this happens when we fail to relate people as one human being to another, but  relate to people based on the roles they play.
  • Help each person, always, achieve his/her highest potential. Acknowledge the other human being wants, desires and expectations. Step out of the me-centered universe and in the process of other centered universe,you also reach to your highest potential. You are    constantly preoccupied with “me” and what you like and what others think of you and why things aren’t going your way. Are you doing this communicating that you do not want to perform this? You perform this as you want to perform this and they would be proud of and no other reason.
  •   Arrange Organizational Structures and Processes. Find what you perform that demotivates people(rather than finding what is motivating them?) and do not repeat the same. Is it possible to make people work without using a carrot and stick policy?  When team members are feeling fulfilled and happy about the work and have freedom to decide, they deliver efficient results. Effectively, trust the team members for the best they would deliver.  Think whether you define policies that prevents 2% of employees from misusing the policy and impacts  98% of employees adhering to the policy.
  • Communicate, communicate, communicate your vision. Do you walk the talk? Bring authenticity to your communication.

Invest in the Process, Not Outcome. Outcomes are outside your control. Focus on the goal only to give directions. Put all your attention on what needs to be done to achieve the goal in the process. Genuine detatch from the outcome and this increases the focus. When it was over, can you see in the mirror and said that I need the best that is possible by me.

Do it deliberately. Invest emotional energy in making it happen. Do it anonymously whenever you can. Don’t expect thanks — what you do and the opportunity you have to be of service is its own reward.