Can I identify opportunities beyond known problem?

The tiger needs to kill other animals for its survival. The tiger does not call killing other animal as problem. The tiger does not choose between what to do and what to be.

In the software world we term the scenarios as problems. We start defining the scenario as a problem, prior to coming with steps to move forward from the scenario. We term the steps as solution. for the problems. May be I am used to getting a bug/report from the field and there is opportunity to fix the same. This was not possible in mechanical world or other world. Once cannot term that failure of brakes of the vehicle as foreseen problem and find solutions. In my past, I used to be proud of scenarios where i can identify scenarios as problems and see it as my strength. That thought process helps for sure to have zero bug delivery and seems to suit for computers and devices. In the start-up ecosystem, one hears the question “what is the problem you are solving” and is followed with “Do I have skills to solve the problem?”. Does it make sense to bring the habit of creating problem to life?. Whatever might be your answer, I see that it is easy for the habit to crib to personal life.

Let us come to world of human beings. When something happens, we assign meaning, make judgement,prioritize them, term it as problem and start thinking how to resolve the problem. Some times the only thing we have done about the scenario is termed the scenario as problem and found solutions for the problem and have not taken any actions. Effectively, we have added a problem to our past memories and continue to see our life through the lens of problem and map future experiences onto those past “truths/scenarios.” This is start of vicious circle and we tend to forget that we created/defined the past “truths/scenarios.” and have the power to change them.

We get engulfed in our own concerns, judgement, or positions and surrender our power to be taken over by fear. Fear stops one from expressing and experiencing the power of what is possible and makes me tell myself that it is enough to just to get by or escape from fear. When some one points, We might end up saying, “No, thanks—I don’t want any! Let me stay just as I am.”. I need enormous courage and courage to try out new ways continuing to be present in the space where fear used to be.

Let me start with promise not to create “truths/scenarios” and be aware of the urge to define problem in my mind. May be I can identify opportunities and possibilities in my life beyond known problems. This is a framework i can follow during scenarios.

  • There are a lot of scenarios to worry about or anxious about that
  • Does this matter to me? Do we know whether it might or might not happen in future? if yes, find the right way to express emotions.
  • Do I have control over this? if not, please do not make it problem and still look for a solution.
  • Let go things that we cannot control and things that does not matter.