Contribute to Maths and CS in 2013

My thought towards education has been influenced by learning from the field here in India and confirmed by below articles this week.

A teacher says that school shares with us that students are customers and we are service providers and out job is to make students happy.  What does this mean?  Parents are happy to see their child to learn to get rewarding career. Teachers have to rush to complete the syllabus, effectively service delivery to their customers. At end of delivery, is the student able to relate to the basic concepts? NO.One common observation is that students solve simple problems in text book applying a formula directly. They find it difficult to solve problems that  involves application of  multiple concepts.

Parents in their urge to find solution for their child to have rewarding career outsource the problem of solving child’s learning to coaching class.The coaching institutes have been from my time in school. Then students used to attend them after school. Now they have come inside the schools in cities in the name of comfort and safety. I hear students are in peer pressure to attend tuition classes not to miss something that their batch mates receive. In addition, I observe that some schools in Bangalore do not have teacher for core subjects for 11th and 12th standards and have outsources the same to coaching institute faculty. If  this school student does not want to go to tuition class, does he have choice being in the same school?

I see lot of foreign players are getting in to learning business in India.  Are we copying the US education system and creating Zombies like in USA. Once the students develop a sense of anxiety and fear, they forget the joy and experiment in learning. Sorry state of affairs. What can I do?

Without solving the problem of limited resources in teaching space, I have spend time to implement technology to distribute content that is not available. Equipped with a masters in maths and computer science and this awareness, should I complaint the lack of good learning content or good teachers? NO

In addition to my IT role,  I have to spend time to have sessions with students on mathematics and CS subjects to make learning fun. If you are a student or a parent ready for fun path of experiment(be ready to fail and learn together), please join me for a learning discussion session. I am on my second maths session this Sunday and plan to make sessions free.