Growth & Inequality

I had the privilege of attending two APU Public Lectures in last 2 weeks and have been overwhelmed with the sessions

Some pointers from the first session are

  • A large finance company can file bankruptcy in USA and not a student who has enormous debts or the concerned parent of the student who supported him. Should we not treat them equally?
  • There seems to be nexus between economics and politics. Is the money being moved from the bottom of the pyramid to the top?
  • Why do speculators pay less taxes than people who work hard?
  • Does inequality in relationship  lead to instability?
  • Can we start realizing that the root cause of Bad times start in good times?
  • There is lack of opportunity at the bottom of the pyramid without money
  • Focusing only on more growth brings more inequality. if there are structural inequalities, there are going to growth inequalities. Can we focus on  creating equality that drives creation of  growth.

Some pointers from Harsh talk( I am reader of Hindu articles) were

  •  Have we exiled poor people from our life? The fact that there is inequality does not worry us. We are indifferent to the suffering of people near to us.
  • How are children and students brought up in middle class? Are they brought up with Indian caste system, English class system and American neo-liberalism?
  • What is legacy we are giving to our young people? Why do young people lead protests? What are the role models for them to look to make the world a fair place for all?
  • Schools are empty for 16 hours. Why they cannot be used for homeless people who are affected by winter?
  • He talked about merit and prejudice. Merit is related to  privilege  and people need to be made to be aware that ” I am where I am because of the Privileges I got”.
  • We are prejudiced on people. We are prejudiced on people as their ancestor committed wrong? How can some one be asked to shoulder responsibility for his history even before he was born?
  • The most difficult job for a hungry woman is to ask their children to sleep with hungry stomach.
  • Are we stopping to care?Can we respect others with their differences and celebrate diversity?