If you believe that technology is making the world a better place, why do you believe that?

Was reading on Aaron Swartz and wanted to copy these sentences for my reference

  • If you’re in the tech sector, why are you there? What do you really believe in?  Do you really understand what makes the world a bad place to begin with?”
  • If you believe that technology is making the world a better place, why do you believe that?
  • Should we always try to be comfortable and aloof?  We should be uncomfortable. We should be asking better questions. We should see nothing as inevitable.
  • Geeks tend to avoid the legal stuff. They tend to not want to screw with it. They tend to not want to deal with the politics. Linus Torvalds would say, “I only do kernel space. I don’t do user space.” Politics is in user space. Justice is in user space. And there are so few geeks that stand out and go that extra step, to look out into the future and see what needs to be, and work on that, on making that happen.
  • All academic research from all time should be made public and free and open.
  • Does  justice system exist to protects those who accumulate wealth and treats those like Aaron in a completely different fashion.?
  • “We must demand accountability for those who tormented Aaron”. Not out of revenge; that is not our motivation; “But we understand that if we allow the climate of fear to exist, the damage that will be done is the next Aaron will not come. And that is a future we will not accept in our world.”

We cannot walk alone. And as we walk, we must make the pledge that we shall always march ahead. We cannot turn back