Can we look health, medical insurance and IT industry connected?

My wife had got the movie John Q and we watched tonight. It describes of a worker father who loves his son and wants to get a heart transplant for his son and the hospital is not supporting due to lack of insurance and he is forced to a corner to take a violent approach to make doctors and the setup to work in human approach. I watched the movie and it was extremely emotional for me and my wife. I am angrr, feel helpless and not able to sleep after the movie, thinking and wanted to write this blog.

Like medical insurance in USA, Indian corporates took the lead to migrate people to  insurance schemes. I also see that government is also pushing insurance scheme top on priority and no more developing new hospitals. I also see new start-ups that are making access to medical happen to only a few people at the top of the pyramid more accessible. It makes you to feel good to see advent of  hospitals like Narayana Hrudayalaya with community consciousness. I also read the cost of setting up Narayana hospitals by Devi Shetty’ Frugal innovation and needs investment of about Rs 45 crore.

Turning back, my father worked for NLC, a public sector. NLC has a huge hospital and provided medicare with more than 350 bed hospital supported by peripheral dispensaries. This hospital has the cream of doctors and I am sure that Neyveli did not pay medical insurance or asked its employees to pay medical insurance.  I also had my friends whose father worked for BHEL and were in Neyveli for commissioning plant and they could also use the hospital facility and also the villages around Neyveli. It is fact that my wife was born in Neyveli hospital as her grand parents were in Vadalur and no one in her family worked for NLC. How many employees worked in Neyveli 30,000 at maximum.

Some time back I have read this article Infosys Takes Cover For Its Employees. I am sure all IT companies in Bangalore( with employee strength more than 100) take medical insurance of  at-least 50  crores or more. Is there a business idea?

Few days a friend commented that we have started to become collaborative and have IT park bus rather than company bus and all people working in IT park use the bus and it is really helping. Is there a way that companies could take one year insurance payment and build a hospital and ask Narayana Hrudayalaya to run the same? After having experienced Neyveli hospitals, I think this can be a possibility. Is there a social entrepreneurship opportunity here?

These hospitals could take care of not only IT employees, but other employees also.  Once the hospital is completed, the IT companies can stop paying money to medical insurance company and contribute the money to local hospital development and surplus can be contributed to larger community. When we reach 58 years, this hospital would be able to provide us with medical care and also for lot more people and perform research?

 I see Glocal Healthcare Systems as a start of this revolution. Looking for inputs to take my above idea forward. How to make IT companies sign up with this idea? Will some one donate money to build the first hospital make IT companies act? Will the government provide the land for this cause? Let me think more on this.

Some of you might question whether I want  IT companies to build schools and run buses? I would be happy if they can collaborate in those areas and I strongly feel that  they need to collaborate in terms of medical issues.