Think beyond mobile app development

You are a good programming skills in java or C# or Objective C or all of them, You start and completed development of your mobile application. You are ready to post the  application to mobile app store.  How to make customers download and make the app popular app? Here are some guidelines that can help to achieve your goal, assuming that you have a good application that provides value to the customer.

Start visualizing about the application and pointers to think

  • To start with, you can look at your competitors. See what they done on the mobile space in your domain space. See how they interact with the fans of the mobile application.Identify the successful ones and bring them on the mobile.
  • Identify your target audience – who your target audience, identify your influence-rs, identify keywords to use
  • Name of the App – select a name with maximum of about 12 letters, The name should provide some meaning to the user just by the name. the name should be consistent with business principles.
  • App Icon – The icon must be attractive and visually appealing.  The icon must be scalable. identify the keyword that can improve search
  • Where to integrate social sharing? – While incorporation of sharing works to build increased exposure,Be aware that the users might not be interested to post to social media application like Facebook.

Start visualizing the app in the app store and pointers to think

  • App Store is search dominated.
  • Screen Shots & Description – They must communicate what app performs to prospects and reviewers and they also need to demonstrate app core features visually.Have you invested to get well written description ready? what are the screen shots of the app that you are going to post in the store.
  • Category:  in App store, the user filters application based on categories. You need to identify a relevant category for the app. Please check whether there is a less competitive category that is also relevant to the app.
  • Please look at approaches to let AppStore know that you are releasing a feature app. What is needed in your app to become part of the Editor Choice app of the week? Remember the top charts depend on the country based App store.
  • Identify the geography you want the app to be first available. if  you are already a brand in a country, listing in the app store of the country would give a better visibility for the app.
  • Have a means to collect reviews and work on the reviews

Leverage the power of the web to  make people reach your app.

  • Setup Google +,Facebook and twitter channels.Please have a Facebook page for app. For android apps,I would prefer to have a Google Plus page
  • Plan for the content of the App Store Page – Who is the audience, Price, Product page link,Screen shots to give a story.
  •  App Web Site: Provide a single landing page destination for multi-platform apps. Can you have a rich media on site like Dedicate app Video ( 30 to 60 seconds).This page should also have social media account links and product links.
  • Do you need a you-tube video?

You are ten day earlier to launch date. Here is check list to track your progress towards the launch date.

  • Test app well
  • Prepare all initial marketing and other related materials
  • Launch your web site for the app
  • Establish your social media presence(&recruit some first followers). User check for the number of already downloads to start downloading app. Hence work with your well wishers and ask them to download the app.
  • Solicit initial reviews for the app.
  • Decide whether  you are offering paid application or free application. Providing free app for social media followers helps to reach more people.
  • The time launch of the application can be important.  Holiday launch and Weekend launch targets user increased lesiure time
  • Launch initial social media campaign, Be ready to analyze web traffic
  • Send out Press Release or Email Blast