Thanks To teachers of First Step School, Brookfields

My daughter Mrinalini went to a Montessori school right behind our apartment for last 4  years and would be moving to a different school for first standard. Today I like the  school and the way the principal operates. The fees are nominal for the type of quality and valuable education offered without rote. Some features I liked very much about the school are

  • The teacher – student ratio is less and the children get individual attention. They also demand parents to spend time with children
  • The teacher and the principal are friendly to children and the children like to visit the school every day. We should look this aspect of them with understanding that a school has its own rules and regulations and school need not be change as per  parents desires and demands.
  • The teachers and the principal takes a lot of ownership in child’s education. They are offering education as value and not education as service. The principal is  clear with expectation that  parents have to drop and pick up at right times. They neither  use their structure for any other activity outside school hours
  • Principal is inclusive person. She is cost conscious for parents too . The school organizes functions for Montessori day and school day at the school premises. The beauty also is that annual day happens on the school day.
  • The school is innovative and hardworking for the children and their parents.  As the space in school for audience might limited, they organize the performance multiple number of times and schedule different group of parents to come.
  • The parents are called for regular observations. I am amazed to observe that the organized and disciplined approach of Mrinalini definitely has the seed in the school.

On Saturday, Mrinalini has Montessori completion day. Some parents have driven the wish that the celebrations need to be performed in  larger auditorium and also over weekend and parents and grand parents to come. They want to make completion day as “Graduation Day”. The Principal changed herself and started to look at a  best venue(cost effective) where children can perform the best and this place is 20 Kms from our home and the school. I am sure most of parents are happy to do this drive.

The teacher wanted to be cost conscious and with parents explicit wishes, changed her outlook to think that I will look for the best place for my children to play well. Nevertheless it talks of how the school is open to change for the happiness of the children and parents.

Exploring business in education space,I see the irony on one side, we want teachers and schools to offer valuable education at right costs and on other hands parents are interested in their desires and ready to shell more money to satisfy their wishes and the same parent is unhappy to see the school and college fees increasing year on year. For education space to transform, the parents have to undergo a change before the child or the school.

Thanks Sheela and teachers of First Step school. Recommend First Step School for parents staying in Brook-field area.