Unused pages of your child’s previous class notebook can help others

In the month of April, I came across two observations that drives me to write this blog..

  • Thulir from Sittilingi Village had send email asking people to donate one side pages for their school students.
  • We run Karunashraya  old newspaper campaign. We had to wait some time. I found that a lot of school notebooks has also been  send with old newspapers. When I opened and inspected them, most of the note books had a lot of unused pages. There was a notebook that has only one page written and all remaining pages unused.

I am not sure whether these children are aware of conserving paper and also know that these unused pages can be of help to lot of  deprived children. Do their parents share with them about conserving paper? How to make children aware  that unused pages  of previous class notebook can be of use to others?

Let me look back at myself. When I was at school, my father used to question me why I am not writing in all lines of  page and what is the need for leaving half of the page because the teacher has signed right after the second sentence in the top of the page. The teacher would ask me to start from a fresh page and he would ask me not to waste pages and I did not like my father  as none of my friends wrote on the same page.  I do not write in notebook any more, but realize the importance of what my father said.

Let me look at my children. When I attend conferences or events, I bring the notepads given to me and leave at home. My daughters started using them. They started using the one side pages for drawing their dreams.  I do know that my wife removes unused pages and makes them as rough notebooks for the next class.

We took those notebooks and removed unused pages and plan to donate them. I also want to request you to be aware of this in your notebook or your child’s notebook. Please reused the unused pages for your own child or  remove them and donate to poor children. Call me if you want to stitch them in to notebook and donate.