Your mobile app is published, what next?

Our consumer based mobile applications always was integrated to support updates through the application driven by our product needs of managing and handling content. when we helped a client of us, we have published the application with more of static content. The application was downloaded in large numbers and we realized that we have not have developed application to update itself. I have not equipped my client  client  with these questions

  • How to manage the application content and make sure it always remains relevant? How to keep engaging with the application users after launch?
  • One the app is launched, do you have some one to actively manage the app, update the content if required, understand what works with users and improve the same?
  • How do you update the user that application has been upgraded?

One can work with development team and submit the app to app store and users can download the app again. Can we also look at ways to  allow the application content to be updated directly without the need for involving the application developer and without going to the store. What support the business person needs?

  •        Support to direct and manage the site without developers. We are having the same problem we had with website created earlier now with mobile applications
  •        Analytic to provide data which part of the application is engaging the user
  •       Ability to segment the users and push personalized notifications based on their expressed interest and user behavior.