Will Indian mobile providers innovate to drive internet traffic using prepaid mechanism?

The average Indian mobile consumer is very concerned about his balance and he is scared that the mobile operator would take money out of his pre-paid card without his consent.

The same fear extends to internet. The end user like videos and audios. The end user goes to PC and downloads the same and copies to mobile. Does the end user really have time to spend? No. But he is afraid to download and is ready to spend the time to  copy at store. He has not come out of the fear that  was created by the mobile providers who took money from his prepaid card.

What can be done to bring confidence to user and opportunity to drive traffic, downloads and increased monetization?

Today I want some of my friends to view a video. There is no way that I can provide them to watch video free on the mobile. They themselves would not do so as they will not know the cost to view a particular videos and then why they should risk their money?

How would it be if there is a service offered by the operator which allows business to upload video or audio or document and the operator would say the cost per user download.  The cost is  paid by business ahead of time and then business sends SMS to their customers with the video link and also the information that video can be viewed free. The business take the charge as part of business marketing expense or customer acquisition expense.  In this approach, the operator has got the money, business is comfortable with fixed cost and the consumer does not fear of being cheated.

Indian cellular provider came with application store. These application stores did not come with any new innovation beyond what was provided by Google. May be they tried to create a regional representation of the the Google Play Store. Can they introduce a concept called gift card in addition to prepaid card? I know my friends number and can buy a gift card specific to his number and provide to my friend. When he activates the card, the money gets accounted against his card. My friend can choose use the balance provided by me for interacting with me.

Why neither Google nor Samsung nor mobile providers working to introduce  something like  Amazon Coins. It is Virtual currency that can be used to purchase applications, games or internet based on the value of the currency. A mobile provider can offer virtual currency with better benefits.

  • offer service for the time the virtual currency is valid.
  • A customer who consumes more internet is provided with  discounts with more the  virtual currency bought by the user.
  • offer users who buy Coins in bulk.
  • offer bonus for long term customers and use it as retention plan.
  • There shall be a way to get percentage of money spend on coins at end of period where the coins are not used by the end users.