National Conclave: The Future of Employment

On Tuesday evening GN send me email and asked me to attend a conference with title “National Conclave: The Future of Employment” conducted by  Indian Staffing Federation (ISF) and organized on Wednesday at Leela Palace, Bangalore. I was not clear of the conference and represented the conference as Product owner from ArthaVidhya.

Let me start with bookmarking links to articles and reports on Staffing are available at Resource Center of  ISF, Indian Labor Report and Reading Room from TeamLease.

The conference has provided me with some good insights and lot of questions to think and challenges faced by staffing companies.. These questions seems to apply for IT companies also. I found a lot of similarity between IT services companies and Staffing companies. Staffing companies are outsourced partners in India while software service companies like Infosys or TCS are outsourced partners for companies outside India. I also see a difference in perceived value of the services offered by both the companies.

  • How is  staffing done in India? Is it more of  “Transfer of Burden” or it is done strategically? The speakers acknowledged that triangular work relationship( hiring company, staffing company, associate) is not recognized in India by the government, where only bi-party relationship is only accepted.
  • Are staffing companies taking jobs to people or they are taking people to jobs? Do college students look Staffing as career? if not, Why college students do not visualize as career today? How or What is needed to promote staffing as career?Are employment exchanges in India geared for the new world order? How much practices from private industry  can be taken and applied to employment exchanges?
  • What gives respect to Staffing company? Do Staffing companies receive similar respect like IT service companies? Does scaling  alone give respect to Staffing company? Does respect comes from what all you can offer as staffing company?  How proactive are staffing company with new service offering before it is asked for by hiring company? Are staffing companies able to raise above transactions and look at broader trend and bring scarce skills to the table? Are staffing companies ready to focus on outcomes rather than just a time and material job?
  • Do we have enough people to work? Why would these people work for staffing company? What is the role of Organizational identity over professional identity(self) in India? What are the challenges this bring upon? Do staffing companies have corporate governance needed to attract people work for them? How many employees of staffing company in India are connected with company? Is the employee proud of the brand of the staffing company?
  • How does staffing company give assurance to hiring company  employees that “Will I eat the hand that feeds me?”
  • It is fact that Employers cannot manufacture employees. Who will train students who are qualified for a job?   What is the real connection between job, training and students today?
  • Do we have enough skilled people for the currently available jobs? Does employment ready aspirant pool also means that they are employable? How to make aspirant pool employable?
  • How to make employees more skilled and boost their confidence.  If staffing companies are focusing in filling the employment  gap, who will fill the skill gap?”

I see the problem space of employ-ability(Find match) and skill development(Repair and Prepare) faced by staffing companies today and  ArthaVidhya is working to solve this problem in BFSI space.