Mobile User interface Design tips

The transactions that are going to be created by consumers is going to be pretty high. This would be more for retail, transportation, Bill Pay, Food & Beverage, Entertainment. There are 4 different application models coming today, Smart phone app, tablet application, general site with mobile payments and mobile specific commerce site. Some of user interface challenges with mobile are as follows.

  • How to design and sequence your account registration options? There is no guest checkout account or express checkout account. Even if it is there, it is not highlighted. Please highlight the guest option.
  • Provide an interface for date inputs that allows the users to verify the date and day of the week. So the user does not find it  easier to enter a  drop down for date selection and is not sure of the day of the selected date and needs more interactions. Show calendar picker with dates and days.
  • Place labels above the field to ensure that all fields of adequate length display commonly large inputs. if not, when the user types the fields in portrait modes, there is no way to see things and verify inputs. The text box becomes narrow or the entire text is not completely visible and because the phone screen size is small. This can cause challenge to landscape fields as the keyboard takes more space in this case. So in landscape mode  keep label to left of the field and portrait keep label above field.
  • Avoid splitting single input entries across multiple fields. Split up make the need more interactions that can be avoided and user is unclear what field is mandatory and what field is not. Should we even split the input of the user name as first name and last name? Should phone number be single field or multiple field?
  •  Provide edit option whenever displaying user input to verify information and selections. Users are unhappy when they want to edit in checkout page or want to verify the items added(did I add same items twice) and are forced to go multiple steps backwards where they may have to restart from the first, which can lead to the user to leave the application. This can be challenging. Give process steps in header.
  • How to format my credit card number in the site? Users Viewable area of each checkout step is smaller than size of a business card. People still do not entirely trust  to make payment on mobile. When the site does not allow spaces, people are confused. when mobile and credit card are in 2 hands, they make mistakes in entering the credit card( This is different from laptop where they can keep the laptop on the side of keyboard).  
  • It is not number of steps and it is more about how well you designed the experience in each step. A single page input overwhelms user when there are more than 10 fields in one step.
  • People do not want to give mobile number when they give email address. They get concerned about privacy and also think that why is phone number needed in addition to email address and whether it is needed for unsolicited marketing calls. Share the info next to mobile number “use only for shipping questions” makes user feel better.